On his blog today, Andrew Hansen wrote:

It’s a long known marketing principle that when people are trying to make a decision, one of the tools they use is to take guidance from authority. “Hmm, what should I do? Ohh… this expert guy says I should do X – he obviously knows better than me”, is something like how it goes.

Clearly, there’s power in being considered an expert. If people act on your recommendations, you have opportunities to make money either selling your products, or earning commissions on others’ products that you recommend.

Of course, part of establishing a position of authority is gaining trust. So you don’t always want to be pitching products that make you money. And you never want to recommend a product for profit that you don’t truly believe in — nothing will kill your credibility faster.

Andrew continues:

Start NOW, establishing yourself as an authority on a particular subject. Even if this is just a side project to your other work online, build a blog or a site where you write about something on which you know a lot. Have fun with it, interract with people with similar interests and work to build a following.

If you do, come a few years time, YOU could be the person people turn to for advice, and YOUR affiliate link could be the one they purchase through when they make their decisions.

Don’t let the words “come a few years time” scare you off. It does take time and effort to establish the kind of reputation that earns you a month’s income off one affiliate recommendation. But there’s money to be made along the way as you build to that point.

One tool I’ve started using recently that makes it easier to keep actively posting to my blogs is SEO Content Factory. From the name, you might think it sounds like an auto-blogging system or something. But in fact, it’s the program I’m typing this blog post in right now.

I won’t try to hide this from you — it’s my own product. I created it because I wanted to use it myself.

I finished the blogging feature just a week and a half ago, and already it’s made it easy to post unique content to one or more of my blogs every day — something I never used to do.

Anyway, I don’t want to go on about it too much here — just thought it might be useful to anyone who’s struggled to keep a blog active enough to help them establish their authority.