Some people find’s Mastermind Sessions a little intimidating. First of all, participants have to go on camera and video chat. And second, every participant rates every other participant’s contribution. Now there’s a lighter alternative. The Commons is an informal internet marketing chat room. Drop by anytime to text and/or video chat. You won’t be […]

This site is all about giving YOU the exposure you need to become the next guru of internet marketing…or if that’s not your goal, to share with you the knowledge and experience of those who are on their way to gurudom. As of today, you have another opportunity here. members can now submit articles […]

I’ve just put the finishing touches on a few last features for this site, so it’s time to get the ball rolling! For one week only, post a reasonably meaningful post in the forum, and I’ll give you your choice of 3 of my website scripts (one is actually a package of several scripts). Offer […]

Why does use Twitter to create accounts and log our members in? How does it work? Are we going to hijack your Twitter account? I imagine these questions are going to come up, so let’s answer them in advance. Why do we use Twitter login? I chose the Twitter login system for several reasons: […]

Welcome to the “Next Gurus” blog. In the near future, you’ll discover how this site will create a community where internet marketers can mastermind together, and how the cream will rise to the top so that those who are ready to be the next gurus of internet marketing (is that you?) can get the exposure […]