Internet Marketing Gurus

Yesterday, Joel Comm published a post titled Where is the Integrity in Internet Marketing on his blog. I feel compelled to respond. Joel recently announced that he’s stepping back a bit from the “guru” role. I sense some of his reason for reduced involvement in this post. He writes: It wasn’t until a couple years […]

I read an excellent article on How to Become an Authority In Your Field today. It’s a guest post by Leigh Peele on Yaro Starak’s blog. Here are my comments on the 6 keys she mentions (I won’t cover all of them — click the link above to get the rest): 1. Go the extra […]

A few days ago, I posted about the Danger of Following Gurus. Today, I need to expand on that a little. A firestorm has been brewing around a group of the Old Gurus who call themselves “The Syndicate”. Jason Jones, a.k.a. The Salty Droid got his hands on a recording of two of them discussing […]

The big gurus of internet marketing have amassed large fortunes and learned a lot along the way. So how could it be dangerous to follow them? Let’s ignore the question of whether they’re stringing you along, giving you just enough information to keep you coming back for more each time they launch a new product, […]

On his blog today, Andrew Hansen wrote: It’s a long known marketing principle that when people are trying to make a decision, one of the tools they use is to take guidance from authority. “Hmm, what should I do? Ohh… this expert guy says I should do X – he obviously knows better than me”, […]

On his blog today, Ryan Healy rips on a group of the Old Gurus for some unethical and possibly illegal things they’re doing together. He references posts from a few people NOT in the group he’s talking about like Ray Edwards, Michel Fortin and the Salty Droid (if you’re sensitive to foul language, skip that […]