Some people find’s Mastermind Sessions a little intimidating. First of all, participants have to go on camera and video chat. And second, every participant rates every other participant’s contribution. Now there’s a lighter alternative.

The Commons is an informal internet marketing chat room. Drop by anytime to text and/or video chat. You won’t be rated. And you don’t have to register for sessions, because there are no “sessions” (although I’ve added a place on the calendar to informally schedule chats).

Unlike Mastermind Sessions, The Commons is open to everyone, whether you’ve upgraded your account or not. Video chat is free for anyone who hasn’t had their rating lowered too much during Mastermind Sessions — members with the default rating that everyone has when they join the site are eligible. Even those who’s ratings may have taken a hit can participate in the text chat.

Subscribe to the Calendar

To make it easy to keep tabs on upcoming Mastermind Sessions, Commons chats, and/or product launches by Next Gurus members, I’ve created RSS feeds listing upcoming events (okay, technically they’re “Atom” feeds, but it’s essentially the same thing).

Use the links at the bottom of the calendar page to subscribe to the entire calendar, or just the type of event your interested in. If you’re logged in, you’ll see links to subscribe to just Mastermind sessions that either are open to visitors or you’re eligible to participate in, based on your current rating.