Antone, Have You Considered Premium Support

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Antone, Have You Considered Premium Support

Postby jeremy_young » 16-Jun-2010 @ 8:39 pm

Hi Antone,
Have you ever considered providing a premium support service for your products?

I know that you currently have the forum set up, but, IMO, if it wasn't for a very small minority of individuals, the thing would be an absolute Ghost site. Please don't take offense to this as I am only hoping to provide some customer insight and possibly even a solution.

I would like to put forth a suggestion that you may or may not of thought about.

What if you provided a premium support service? you could still leave the current forum as it is, but also have a new forum set up for people who are prepared to pay a little extra each year so they know they will get a response to their questions. This could potentially be a very good earner for yourself.

I can appreciate that customer support is a pain in the @$$ but...

As an example, I noticed their are currently 25000 registered users for your forum, that's TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND, I would have a guess that at least 1000 of them would be actively using Carp, Grouper or any one of your products regularly, if you would set up a premium service at $50 a year that would bring in an extra 50k pa, and I would doubt that you would need to spend more than an hour each day answering Q's.

Heck you could even pay someone and still get change.
I personally would pay for a service like that in a heartbeat. I would sooner pay for a support service than a membership type site any day.

What do you think?
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