Pricing of monthly continuity programs

Products that generate repeat income like web services, membership sites, etc.

Pricing of monthly continuity programs

Postby AntoneRoundy » 24-May-2010 @ 12:46 pm

I know that how much you're willing to pay for a continuity product depends entirely on the value of the product, but could you say in general that less than $X/month is low enough that you'd probably stay on "just in case" you might get value from a product someday, or over $Y/month is high enough that you'd really have to be sure it was worth it to keep you from canceling today?

Where would those thresholds be for you? Have they changed recently (eg. has the economy prompted you to cut unnecessary spending)?
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Re: Pricing of monthly continuity programs

Postby jeremy_young » 9-Jun-2010 @ 6:49 am

The only continuity site I belong to now is and I think I only pay a couple bucks per month. If it was more than that I would of canceled by now, and to be honest I havnt logged in for at least three or four months.
All of the other continuity/membership sites I have been a member of have gone, regardless of the Quality content.
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