email marketing hosted on my dedicated server

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email marketing hosted on my dedicated server

Postby solicitor » 11-May-2010 @ 10:04 pm

I have tried this for a while and it works fine. Many people give all these warnings about getting blacklisted, but it is fine to use your own script like Interspire Email marketer. Just as long as you don't spam people you won't get many complaints.

I realise that one day my list might need to go onto a professional server or even to icontact, but until that day, this is a good way to do it. Just don't use shared hosting for this or you will have a low delivery rate due to others spamming.
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Re: email marketing hosted on my dedicated server

Postby AntoneRoundy » 12-May-2010 @ 4:35 pm

I used to do my list mailings from my own server using a script I wrote. One of the main reasons I switched to AWeber is that whenever I sent a broadcast, handling thousands of outgoing mails would bog my server down for a while. Granted, it was a somewhat wimpy server, but eventually I decided it'd be best to offload that work.

I'm not entirely satisfied with AWeber (see ... -problems/ and ... ugs-again/ for some of the reasons), but overall, they've made list management mostly painless.

I guess if someday your self-hosted autoresponder gets blacklisted, you can always open an AWeber account and import everything (though you'll probably have to wait a little for them to approve what you've imported).
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