Are old selling techniques getting stale?

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Are old selling techniques getting stale?

Postby AntoneRoundy » 24-May-2010 @ 12:30 pm

I find myself getting more and more repulsed by the trendy techniques that many internet marketers use:

* "proof of income" photos and videos (especially videos -- what a waste of my time!)
* "please don't share this exclusive video" (that you just emails 300,000 people about? puhleeaze!)
* "look at my big house and fancy cars" photos and videos (again, especially videos)
* "this email might offend you" type subject lines (especially when the email is totally benign)

...and many more that I'm not going to waste my time recalling.

My question is, are these techniques actually getting stale and not working anymore? Or do they only taste bad to those of us who've been around long enough to have seen them a millions times while retaining their effectiveness with much of the market? I imagine they're more effective on newbies than old timers, but I wonder how large a percentage of the market has gotten desensitized to them already.

Have you seen any hard numbers? What do YOU think of things like this?
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Re: Are old selling techniques getting stale?

Postby burtabreu » 26-May-2010 @ 1:02 pm

I have been turned off of these for many years.

Maybe it is age specific - I'm 50 and so somewhat jaded after having tried several different affiliate programs and 'quick money' businesses over many years. It may be that these techniques could still work in some form if your target audience is a young crowd. I think those of us exposed have developed an immunity and I generally won't visit sites that show too much of that.
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