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Become The Next Guru

It takes more than just brains and a great product to be a successful "guru". You need:

  • be recognized as an expert.
  • ...publicity and JV partners to help you reach your target market.
  • connect with potential customers at a deeper level.
  • advisors to help you make your business bullet-proof.

The old way was to pay thousands of dollars to an established guru to get them to promote your product. Or you could blog like a dog for years hoping that the world would recognize your expertise. Or you could tweet like a woodpecker, hoping that someone was listening...

I won't lie to you -- there's no "easy button" that'll turn you into a bona fide guru overnight. But the right technology and the right community can speed you on your way a lot faster. That's what this site was made for.

If you want to be the next guru of internet marketing, is your place to:

How to Get Started

To join Next Gurus, you'll need a Twitter account (we use Twitter's API for our login system). Once you're on Twitter, click here to create your Next Gurus account. Then be sure to upgrade your account to unlock all of this site's features.

Since our goal is to build a huge community for you to get recognized by, we're pricing this site at the ridiculously low, highly affordable, "no brainer" level of only $17/month. And as if that weren't low enough, you'll get your first 2 weeks for only $1! free during our beta period!

Click the link above to get started now.

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