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Befriend the Gurus

Have you ever noticed how gurus are surrounded by a group of friends who ride their coattails to riches? They get insider info on new products the guru is releasing, and the gurus are always talking them up to their monster-sized mailing lists.

It's good to be a gurus friend! But once a guru is established, it's tough to crack their inner circle (unless you're willing to pay them thousands of dollars...and even then, you may be just another revenue stream to them.) offers you a chance to build personal connections with up-and-coming gurus before they decide they've got enough friends. Get to know them now in the forum, and make an even more personal connection in video mastermind sessions. Claim your spot in their inner circle so that you can ride with them on their trip to the top.

How to Get Started

To join Next Gurus, you'll need a Twitter account (we use Twitter's API for our login system). Once you're on Twitter, click here to create your Next Gurus account. Then be sure to upgrade your account to unlock all of this site's features.

Since our goal is to build a huge community with lots of gurus in a variety of niches for you to choose from, we're pricing this site at the ridiculously low, highly affordable, "no brainer" level of only $17/month. And as if that weren't low enough, you'll get your first 2 weeks for only $1! free during our beta period!

Click the link above to get started now.

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