Join (It's Free)

Here's how to join:

  1. If you don't have an account on, create one (it's free).
  2. Click Here (you'll be sent to
  3. Sign into your Twitter account.
  4. When Twitter asks, click "Allow" to give us read-only access to your account (read-only = we cannot tweet, send DMs through or otherwise monkey with your account).
  5. Twitter will automatically send you back to us, and we'll automatically create your account and sign you in.

Why we use Twitter for sign up and login

Is This Safe?

Are we going to hijack your Twitter account? No, and here's how you can be sure.

When you click "Click Here" in step 2 above, if you're not logged into Twitter, you'll see this (without the red circle and underlining, of course!) As you can see, we'll never have access to your Twitter password.

After you log into Twitter, you'll see this. Notice that it says "access your data" -- that means we'll be able to view your Twitter account (which we do only to check your Twitter ID), but not post tweets or DMs or anything:

By contrast, here's the authorization screen for one of our other services that does post tweets and DMs for members. Notice how it says "access and update your data":

When you get to the authorization screen, all you have to do is verify that it says "access your data", not "access and update your data", and you'll know that we will not be able to do anything to your Twitter account...even if we wanted to...which we don't.

Ready to go? Click Here to continue on to Twitter.

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